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Calmness and rationality are what Manila needs most right now: Global Times editorial

2024-03-31 09:42:12       source:Global Times

March 30, 2024

After the recent illegal trespassing by Philippine resupply vessels into waters adjacent to Ren'ai Jiao was responded by China Coast Guard's legitimate act to defend its rights, the Philippines has been continuing to make and even escalate unfounded countercharges. 

The Philippines will implement countermeasures against "illegal, coercive, aggressive, and dangerous attacks" by China Coast Guard, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said on Thursday, adding that he has been in communication with "friends in the international community" and "will not be cowed into silence, submission, or subservience."

The Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) on Friday stated that Filipinos do not yield, accusing the "patronizing" Chinese government of being unable to conduct open, transparent, and legal negotiations. 

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