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Chinese ambassador says U.S. made 'serious miscalculation' about China

2024-04-23 09:24:30       source:CGTN

April 22, 2024

Chinese ambassador to the U.S. Xie Feng said the current competition between China and the U.S. is unfair and the U.S. is actually not competing with China but "bullying" China by slapping sanctions, pressuring other countries to curb exports to China and accusing China's clean energy products of "overcapacity."

He stressed that the U.S. miscalculated China seriously and that there is no obsession with hegemony in China's DNA. He also questioned if the U.S. had been aware of the danger of the "Thucydides trap", why should it still jump into it?

Xie made the remarks during a fireside chat with Founding Dean of Harvard Kennedy School Professor Graham Allison on Friday. 

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