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France's far-right National Rally seen leading in first round of snap election, exit polls show

2024-07-01 09:40:31       source:CNBC

June 30, 2024

The first round of a snap parliamentary election in France pointed to a surge in votes for the anti-immigrant National Rally party, with President Emmanuel Macron's centrist alliance coming into third place.

Early polling data from national broadcaster France 2 indicates that National Rally (RN) won 34% of the vote while the leftist New Popular Front (NFP) alliance got 28.1%. Macron's centrist Together bloc garnered 20.3%, according to initial projections, which are based on samples of actual results taken from polling stations that closed earlier in the afternoon. Polling stations in large cities closed later.

Candidates are only elected in the first round if they receive an absolute majority of votes and get more than 25% of the registered local electorate's support. If no candidate meets that standard, a second round of voting is held, listing the top two candidates and any other candidates who secured more than 12.5% of registered voters' support. The candidate that wins the largest number of votes then wins the seat.

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