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Ren'ai Jiao's ecosystem damaged by illegally grounded Philippine vessel: report

2024-07-09 09:04:38       source:CGTN

July 8, 2024

The Philippine military vessel that has been illegally grounded at the lagoon slope of Ren'ai Jiao since 1999 has gravely damaged the diversity, stability and sustainability of the coral reef ecosystem in the area, according to a report released by China's Ministry of Natural Resources on Monday.

It said the distribution area of reef-building coral on the reef flat and lagoon slope of Ren'ai Jiao has drastically decreased, with the most significant declines observed in the waters around the vessel. 

Numerous coral fragments and dead corals were found near the vessel, with the variety and coverage of reef-building corals on the lagoon slope identified as notably lower than on the seaward slope. 

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