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Beijing Warns US Against Maritime Challenge in South China Sea

2015-10-16 11:25:39       source:Finacial Times

October 15, 2015

"The island building appears to be part of China's strategy to lay claim to virtually the entire South China Sea, a move that has infuriated China's maritime neighbours and the US. President Barack Obama and Xi Jinping discussed the issue recently when the Chinese president visited Washington. But the two sides appeared to make little progress in resolving the tensions.

Adm Yang's comments are the most incendiary to have come out of Beijing but Wu Shicun, president of National Institute
for South China Sea Studies, said the officer was not speaking on behalf of the Chinese government.

'To the public this may sound strongly of gunpowder, and it appeals to nationalistic emotions, but it is highly unlikely that the decision-making levels in either country will allow tensions to elevate to such a level,' he said."

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