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China Accuses US Navy of Illegal Incursion in South China Sea

2015-10-28 09:08:54       source:Finacial Times

October 27, 2015

"Dr. Wu Shicun, President of National Institute for South China Sea Studies, expressed scepticism over the US rationale. 'Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam have all built islands in the South China Sea -- and Vietnam is still building them,' he said. 'So you can see how America is biased towards China. They want to oppose China on the issue of the South China Sea.'

The US official said the destroyer had also sailed within the 12-nautical-mile zones around features claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam -- an effort to deflect criticism that the US was singling out China. He said the warship had been shadowed by a Chinese vessel, which Chinese social media reports identified as the Kunming, also a destroyer."

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