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Japan's Illusory Fancies Pose Danger to Asia Stability

2015-12-26 09:25:40       source:CNTV

December 25, 2015


"Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe visited India and Australia this month to promote better diplomatic relations among Canberra and New Delhi. Abe touted the so-called 'Diamond Idea of Safety Assurance' to protect a rhombus area encircling four countries - Japan, US, India and Australia.


The diamond idea was raised in Dec. 2012, after Abe regained power. He cited concerns over the South China Sea issue and made allegations on marine threats from Beijing.

Nevertheless, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, 'Japan is not qualified to discuss the topic.' Abe's ideas are dangerous and illusory that bring serious threats to regional peace and stability."


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