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(Opinion) Japan's Propaganda War on Diaoyu Absurd

2015-12-28 09:08:54       source:Global Times

December 28, 2015


"Japanese media have been hyping up a Chinese coast guard vessel armed with what appeared to be four gun turrets wandering into waters off the Diaoyu Islands and even entering 'Japan's territorial waters' in recent days. The Japanese government claimed that it had filed a formal protest against the Chinese government.


The Japanese government and media have rhetorically underlined that 'it was the first time an armed Chinese vessel had been sighted in Japan's waters.'


Such statements defy reason. Regarding the Diaoyu Islands as their own territory, both China and Japan have regularly dispatched patrol vessels to sail around the islands. Japanese coast guard vessels in the area are equipped with guns and cannons. How can they expect Chinese ships sailing in the area to be unarmed?"


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