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China Firm On Protecting Territory As Japan Ramps Up Tension

2016-01-13 08:45:10       source:China Daily


Chinese marine surveillance ship Haijian No. 46 (L) tries to approach towards Japanese fishing boats (2nd and 3rd from front) while a Japan Coast Guard boat sails (front), in the East China Sea, near Diaoyu islands, in this photo taken by Kyodo May 26, 2013.


January 12, 2016


"Beijing is determined to protect its territory, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday as Japan warned it would send naval patrols demanding Chinese naval vessels leave waters near the Diaoyu Islands.

'China's stance on the Diaoyu Islands is consistent and clear,' Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing, adding the islands have been Chinese territory since 'ancient times'."


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