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(Opinion) Beijing Treated Unfairly By Media Over Peaceful Island Constructions

2016-01-14 08:47:02       source:Global Times

By Zhou Fangyin


January 13, 2016


"Chinese civilian aircraft conducted successful test flights to a newly built airport on Yongshu Jiao of the Nansha Islands last week. Some argue that this is a turning point in China's presence in the South China Sea. They conjecture that instead of being defensive, Beijing is now accumulating asymmetric advantages in the South China Sea disputes.


The above argument has ignored the core purpose of China's activities in relevant waters. By carrying out construction works on Yongshu Jiao and other Nansha Islands, Beijing is not strengthening its advantages against other South China Sea claimants. Instead, Beijing is demonstrating its capabilities and will in safeguarding its sovereignty and interests in the region."


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