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(Commentary) Freedom of Navigation Claim No Justification For Stirring Up Tensions In South China Sea

2016-01-31 06:32:36       source:Xinhua News Agency

By Tian Dongdong


January 30, 2016


"Turning a deaf ear to China's repeated opposition, representation and warning, the United States on Saturday flagrantly dispatched one of its destroyers into 12 nautical miles of an island in the Xisha Islands irrefutably owned by China.


The dangerous and reckless move, second of its kind by the U.S. navy since last October, is a serious political and military provocation to China's self-evident sovereignty over the Xisha Islands and its adjacent waters, which dampens hard-won mutual-trust between China and America, shakes stability around the South China Sea and further erodes America's credibility as a reliable stake-holder."


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