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US Saber-rattling Could Spark Arms Buildup, Experts Say

2016-02-20 00:54:50       source:China Daily


A formation of the Nanhai Fleet of China's Navy on Saturday finished a three-day patrol of the Nansha islands in the South China Sea.


February 19, 2016


"Experts said that if Washington continues to flex its military muscles in the South China Sea, it may prompt China to boost its defense buildup there to safeguard its lawful rights.


That observation was made in response to a series of incursions US naval warships have made into Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea in the name of 'Freedom of Navigation'.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a daily news conference in Beijing on Friday that the US 'has consistently strengthened its military buildup in the South China Sea', and it has lured or pressured its allies or partners to embark on joint military drills or joint patrols in the South China Sea."


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