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Australia to Continue 'Freedom of Navigation' Patrols in South China Sea

2016-02-22 08:40:49       source:MSN News

February 21, 2016


"In spite of the deployment of China's anti-aircraft missiles on Woody Island in the Paracel island chain last week, Australia will not cease its operations - whether at sea or in the air - promoting 'freedom of navigation' in the South China Sea, Canberra's top diplomat to the Philippines has said.


In an ambush interview with News 5, Australian ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely said Australia's position will never change as the Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull on Thursday called on China to halt all its provocative construction activities in the region. 'Those comments in many ways were nothing new; we have been saying  for a long time we support a peaceful resolution on the dispute arising in the South China Sea,' said Gorely."


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