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(Opinion) Need for A Digital, Trans-Pacific 'Belt and Road'

2016-03-06 09:44:44       source:China Daily


Premier Li Keqiang and Chile's President Michelle Bachelet greet the media at La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago on May 5,2015.


By Jorge Heine


March 5, 2016


"Rather than slowing down, globalization is morphing. As a recent report from McKinsey Global Institute, 'Digital globalization: The new era of global flows', tells us, that digital flows are now more economically significant than trade in goods.


In an ever-more-connected world, cross-border bandwidth use has grown 45 times in the past decade. The fiber-optic cables that criss-cross the world today are the modern-day equivalent of the 19th century railway tracks that made it possible to populate and develop vast swathes of the five continents."


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