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(Opinion) Journalists Can Help Improve China's Image

2016-03-07 08:53:51       source:China Daily


President Xi Jinping meets with the editors and other staff in the newsroom at the headquarters of People's Daily newspaper.


By Tom Plate


March 6, 2016


"I have been traveling to Asia and writing about it in various newspapers and journals for two decades, and I have visited China many times to know it closely. My observation about China is substantially different from most of the written accounts I read or video-view back home in the United States through the media.


China can, should and must do a much better job of explaining itself and its views to the world. For China, 'a great culture with inexhaustible wisdom', global public opinion does matter. China's prosperity, not to mention peace, depends on true mutual understanding and warranted global respect. A wider, clearer message to the world has to come from its heart and brain."


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