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(Opinion) US makes S.China Sea a flashpoint

2016-03-10 08:48:26       source:Global Times

March 10, 2016


"General Lori J. Robinson, commander of the US Air Force in the Pacific, urged other nations such as Australia to exercise their freedom of aviation and navigation in the South China Sea alongside the US on Tuesday. The general warned that if they do not do so, they will then 'risk losing it throughout the region.' This is the most recent incitement from the White House over persuading Australia, Japan and India to take part in joint naval patrols in the South China Sea.


Things are not going smoothly for Washington in drawing together allies to ramp up pressure on China over the South China Sea issue. ASEAN has been keeping an ambiguous attitude. Japan is highly in alignment with the US in its statement, however it has quite a few concerns about military coordination. Canberra is hesitating, and is not willing to declare where it stands over the joint naval patrols."


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