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(Analysis) Why Paris and Brussels are Game Changers

2016-03-28 08:53:33       source:Eurasia Review

By Sandeep Bamzai


March 28, 2016


"The biggest battle of the 21st century may well have been triggered by the Paris and Brussels attacks. Duking it out will be right wing hyper nationalists and Islamic supremacists. As Europe becomes the new theatre of terror with dubious immigration policies ramping up Muslim population in France and Belgium to as much as 9.6 per cent and 6 per cent respectively, the mainland now has to effectively cauterise the wounds created by Islamic radicalisation. Easier said than done, for liberalism practiced by different governments in different parts of Western Europe has led to the almost silent entry of the home grown guerrilla warrior from within. Islamist fighters returning from the battlefronts of north Africa have transposed the learnings from there to create mayhem in Paris - twice - and Brussels more recently.


Europe has a new phenomenon of Jihadi transnational elements. Its genesis can be traced back to Belgium which became home to many members of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (GICM). This network operated out of the city of Maaseik in Belgium near the Dutch border. It gradually spread to a Brussels borough called Molenbeek where a Socialist Mayor Philipe Moureaux (1992-2012), a known anti Semite and considered the Godfather of Jihad, practiced a unique Islamo Municipalism or the right to diversity for the Muslim migrants. By pandering to radical Islam and allowing it to fester in the decrepit bylanes of Molenbeek, Moureaux was single handedly responsible for the creeping Jihad Central. His deep addiction to power propelled the hellfire of criminality, anti-Semitism and Sharia in the Brussels borough. More than that, easy immigration policies have come back to haunt Europe. These waves of immigration have helped create a constituency of cheap labour and obliviousness on the part of fat cat governments to tackle what was happening at a subterranean level as the linkages between radical Islamists in Europe and North Africa grew manifold and unhindered. Europe has seen violence and bloodbaths repeatedly since the cataclysmic events of 9/11 - Madrid in 2004 (191 dead), London in 2005 (53 dead) and Paris twice last year (17 dead in January and 137 in November). But Paris and Brussels are game changers, for as the immediate past has shown us, guerrilla attacks are the new stratagem and the European security forces appear ill equipped to deal with this asymmetrical algorithm. It took the French nearly four months to capture Paris mastermind Salah Abdelsalam, its reprisal sending temblors across Brussels airport and metro."


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