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(Opinion)  China-Bashing in Primary Season Reflects Deep Nativism in US

2016-04-13 09:35:15       source:Global Times

April 13, 2016

"Ever since the US 2016 presidential primaries started, China-related topics have become a candidates' tool to attack their competitors or fanning the flames of national sentiment to win more support. Both Hillary Clinton, a professional politician with rich experience of diplomatic affairs, and Donald Trump, a businessman with no political experience at all, have frequently accused China of stealing US jobs, and both have vowed to change the situation.

Looking back on the history of US elections, China is far from a major topical issue during presidential campaigns, but has been often targeted for no reason in recent years. From the trade imbalance in 1990s, to today's yuan exchange rate, the approaches to utilizing China issues are basically the same, which is to blame China for Americans' greatest concerns - the nation's sluggish economy and unemployment problems."

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