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Wang Yi: Finish the Last Kilometer of the Marathon of Negotiation on the Iranian Nuclear Issue

2015-02-17 09:01:16       source:Chinese Foreign Ministry

On February 15, 2015, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was paying an official visit to Iran, met the press in Teheran with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran, expressing upon request that the six parties and Iran should make joint efforts to finish the last kilometer of the marathon of negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue.


Wang Yi pointed out that the negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue has achieved a positive and significant progress with the efforts of all parties. The situation now, if we draw an analogy, is like a marathon game at the final sprint stage or a mountain climbing that has almost reached the summit. But at this moment there might be more problems and greater difficulties. There is an ancient Chinese saying which goes, “The ninety miles is only half of a hundred-mile journey.” We believe that while the negotiation is entering into the final stage, it is important to keep a firm faith, meet each other halfway, overcome the difficulties and surmount the barriers so as to finish the hardest last kilometer of the marathon with all strength instead of seeing a near miss with the entire previous effort being wasted.

Wang Yi stressed that China has always been a staunch supporter and a constructive participant of the Iranian nuclear issue negotiation. During the negotiation process, first, China has adhered to the direction of reaching a peace settlement. Whether in a favorable condition or an adverse situation, we firmly hold out for a dialogue to solve the Iranian nuclear issue, oppose the option of appealing to arms and disapprove of the impulsive reaction of unilateral sanction.


Second, uphold a just and objective stance. China has constantly dispensed justice on resolving the hot-spot issues and we don’t have any self-interest on the Iranian nuclear issue and Middle-East geopolitics. China has always made independent judgments according to the twists and turns of the issue itself and striven to be just and objective.


Third, undertake positive mediating efforts. The Iranian nuclear issue is complex and sensitive, and the negotiation process is full of ups and downs. Whenever a difficulty and key turning-point appears, China spares no effort to take account of the positions of all parties, put forward our own proposal and contribute Chinese wisdom.


Wang Yi stressed that China stands ready to continue to make tireless efforts with Iran and other parties to promote a proper resolution to the Iranian nuclear issue.