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(Opinion) The US "pivot to Asia" and the Australian leadership crisis

2015-02-26 08:26:09       source:World Socialist Web Site

By Peter Symonds


February 25, 2015


"A fortnight after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott survived a Liberal Party backbench revolt, the leadership issue is clearly unresolved. Increasingly Abbott, his gaffes and unilateral decisions, or "captain's calls," have become objects of ridicule in the establishment media. Speculation remains rife that Abbott has just months to improve the party’s fortunes or face a leadership challenge.


Underlying the political crisis are deep frustrations in the corporate elite over the Abbott government's failure to drive through their demands for far-reaching pro-market reforms and austerity measures. Key policies from last May's budget, including lifting the pension age to 70, cuts to welfare benefits and a co-payment for doctors' visits, remain blocked in the Senate by Labor, the Greens and minor parties, who fear a backlash from working class voters. Abbott sparked fresh concerns in business circles when he suggested that the government would back off harsh measures in this year's budget."


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