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(Opinion) Sino-US ties can be reinforced from top down

2015-03-02 08:31:19       source:Global Times

By Robert A. Manning


March 1, 2015


"State visits are not offered lightly. Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming state visit in September at the invitation of US President Barack Obama reflects the gravity of what has become the world's most important bilateral relationship. Whether US-China ties are more cooperative or more competitive will be a key factor shaping the world order in the 21st century.


Xi's state visit will be his third major summit with Obama, and given the complexity, current tensions and deep interdependence of the relationship, this follow-up to the November summit in Beijing can hopefully boost the relationship's momentum.


Developing personal relationships between the two leaders is important in three key respects: deepening understanding of each side's goals and expectations; addressing sources of distrust; and providing guidance and a sense of priorities to, and pressure on, the respective bureaucracies charged with implementing the policies."


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