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What president Hillary Clinton could mean for China

2015-04-16 08:57:56       source:Quartz Global

April 15, 2015

"As US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made history when she introduced the US "pivot to Asia" during a 2010 trip to Vietnam, by declaring what happens in the South China Sea one of the US's national interests. Designed to counter China's growing influence in the region, the policy signaled a huge shift in America's geopolitical priorities - including Clinton's vision of "America's Pacific Century," in which the United States would deepen regional economy ties and keep a close watch on China's military plans.

Since leaving the Obama administration, Clinton seems to have sharpened her criticism of China. In Hard Choices, her 2014 political memoir, Clinton writes about China's censorship, her disagreements with Beijing over the treatment of Tibetans, and dissident lawyer Chen Guangcheng's escape to the US embassy. The book is banned in China."

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