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International Collaboration

International Ocean Institute (Canada)

On 16 November 2015, during his visit to Canada for academic exchanges, NISCSS President Wu Shicun visited the International Ocean Institute (Canada) and signed a MOU with Director Michael Butler on promoting institutional cooperation.

University of Alberta

From 12-14 December 2013, Mr. Gordon Houlden, director of China Institute, the University of Alberta, visited the NISCSS. Mr. Gordon Houlden signed a memorandum of understanding with the NISCSS on behalf of the University of Alberta. On 6 June 2014, the two sides held the Second Arctic/Asia-Pacific Maritime Workshop: Sea Lines of Communication Security in the Asia Pacific and the Arctic in Beijing.

Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS)

In October, 2013, the NISCSS and the KIMS signed a memorandum of understanding to promote cooperation between Chinese and Korean think tanks in personnel training, information sharing and other areas. In April 2013, the NISCSS delegation participated in the Joint Workshop on Common Concerns for Maritime Security and Safety, which was co-organized by the KIMS, the SLOC Study Group-Korea and the NISCSS.

Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Indonesia

On 29 July 2012, the NISCSS and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Indonesia, signed a memorandum of understanding to promote cooperation in South China Sea studies. In 2012 and 2013, the two sides co-organized the Workshop on Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea.